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"secretprojectrevolution" world premiere

What you've been waiting for for so long is finally here. Anyone can go to Art For Freedom platform and watch Madonna and Steven Klein's 17-minute long film "secretprojectrevolution", Madonna's ultimate artistic statement on freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Anyone can also contribute their own reflections on what freedom is in the form of music, videos and photography. You can also go to BitTorrent Bundle to download the whole film together with an almost 40-minute long interview Madonna granted to Eddy Moretti, Chief Creative Officer at VICE, three "secretprojectrevolution" trailers and stills from the movie.

On 23 and 24 September "secretprojectrevolution" premiered in 10 cities around the globe: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Tel Aviv (added last minute as the final location). In each of these places crews of technicians hired by Madonna projected the short movie on walls in public places for anyone to see, with Madonna fans and other onlookers gathering to watch the Queen's long anticipated creation. Of all these places the most special screening took place in New York's Gagosian Gallery. 250 guests were invited by Madonna to see not only the movie's premiere but also to witness a very special treat: a mini-show with Madonna performing Elliot Smith's "Between The Bars", the one song she once admitted in an interview she would love to have written herself. Following the film's screening the "MDNA" dancers gave a short performance after which Madonna was handcuffed by two policemen, dragged on stage and left there alone to perform the song with nothing but a piano accompaniment. Toward the end of the song one of the dancers wearing a balaclava freed Madonna's manacled hands and took off his mask: it was Rocco.

But before all that, before even the screening of "secretprojectrevolution", Madonna gave a passionate speech about her commitment to fighting for freedom and explained the reasons why she had to make the film. In the speech she mentioned artists persecuted for their courage to speak their minds, like Pussy Riot of Russia and Ai Weiwei of China. This was followed by a fragment of an interview with writer James Baldwin showed on the screen.   

Among special guests invited for the event perhaps the most surprising was Madonna's former husband, actor Sean Penn. Also present were Anderson Cooper, Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan among others. Please visit our Facebook gallery to see pictures from the event.

And here is Madonna's speech and her moving performance of "Between The Bars".

Watch the interview Madonna gave to Eddy Moretti explaining the genesis of "secretprojectrevolution" (including her story on the famous "black Muslim in the White House" speech).

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